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Rob's Box Office Predictions Page

For the weekend of June 12-14, 1998

Well, now it's time for my first time analyzing the grosses and my predictions. So, strap yourselves in, because here we go.

Remaining in first place, as I expected, was The Truman Show. It dropped a hair over 36 percent with a weekend haul of 20 million. The film's ten day gross has risen to 64.5 million--quite good. It will have no problem breaking the 100 million dollar mark. Still, it's 36 percent drop was a surprise, considering the amazing reviews and stellar word of mouth it has been receiving. I had guessed at just a 25 percent drop to 24 million. I'm guessing that The Truman Show will end up in the area of 160 million.

I was also mostly on target with Six Days, Seven Nights. The Harrison Ford/Anne Heche adventure-comedy scooped up a nice sized 16.5 million over the weekend. While not quite reaching the heights of the 18 million I forecasted, the Ivan Reitman film still had a decent launch. It's per screen average of 6,465 was second only to The Truman Show's 6,992. Also, it had a sharp rise in it's Saturday gross, indictating the possibility of longevity. Six Days, Seven Nights should finish somewhere between 70-80 million.

In respect to the Andrew Davis directed thriller, A Perfect Murder, I was dead on target. The Michael Douglas/Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle was down a slim 32 percent, for third place and a take of 11.3 million. It's ten day cume now stands at 34.4 million. I had predicted a 11 million dollar gross and third place. It should continue to play strongly, ending off at 70-80 million.

The weekend saw two other new wide releases, Can't Hardly Wait, and Dirty Work. Can't Hardly Wait, a teen comedy starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry took in 8 million over the weekend. It fell short of the 10 million I forecasted. Look for it to play off quickly, ending up with 25-30 million. MGM's comedy Dirty Work fell flat on its face. It could not even muster up the 6 million I guessed at. It's take was a piddly 3.6 million. Look for the Norm MacDonald comedy to reach the low altitude of 10 million, hopefully finding success on video.

Now, for the rest of the pack. Godzilla didn't fall quite as hard as I expected and was able to chomp on another 6.2 million, as opposed to the 5.5 I predicted. It was the same way with Hope Floats, Deep Impact, and The Horse Whisperer. The films took in 5.3, 4.4, and 3.9 million respectively. That's compared to the 5, 4, and 3.5 million I predicted. Still, I was pretty close. Finally, I hit the bullseye with Titanic. I predicted it would spend it's last weekend in the top ten with tenth place and 1.2 million, and that's exactly what happened.

As expected, Bulworth,I Got the Hook-Up, and Quest for Camelot all fell out of the top ten, though each fell less than I expected. Bulworth and Hook-Up each fell 45 percent. Camelot fell a tiny 26 percent.

Check back Thursday for my predictions as The X-Files and Mulan step up to the plate. Thanks for reading.

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